The average American can generate up to 1,600 pounds of garbage every year. That is just shy of one ton of garbage per person, per year. That might seem like a lot but when you spread that garbage out over 52 weeks of municipal garbage pickups it's not that bad. The only time is becomes an issue is if those pickups are delayed. Then you really notice the garbage piling up.

Outside of the averages, there is also the occasion for you to create even more garbage. Consider what kind of rubbish you would generate with the following projects:

  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom addition
  • Spring-cleaning
  • Water damage cleanup
  • Roof replacement
  • Landscaping
  • Patio deck refurbish
  • Moving

Not all of the rubbish created as the result of those projects will be able to be tossed out in the weekly garbage pickup. First of all, a lot of it simply won't fit into the trashcans unless you start breaking it all up. Then there is the weight restrictions to consider. You are limited to the amount of garbage you can throw out each week. Even if you manage to fill up a trashcan with your project's trash, what is going to happen to the rest of your garbage?

When you've got massive amounts of garbage overflow, you'll need help in the form of a roll off dumpster rental provided by NC Dumpsters. We are the leading resource for dumpster rental in Charlotte for a wide variety of roll off containers. When one of these units is place on your property, you won't have any trouble taking out the trash!

Picking The Right Dumpster Service in Charlotte, NC

NC Dumpsters has dumpster sizes starting at 10 cubic yards and going up to 40 cubic yards. What size is right for your job? A 10 cubic yard roll off dumpster can hold between 7 to 10 pickup truck loads. Multiple that by the size and you can gauge how much trash your dumpster rental can accommodate. The knowledgeable staff at NC Dumpsters has a lot of experience with trash removal. You tell them the scope of your project and they'll be able to recommend the best dumpster size to get the job done.

What you should keep in mind about the size of your dumpster rental in Charlotte is that you can't have any overflow. All off you trash needs to be below the rim of the unit to allow a tarp to cover it during transportation. You'll probably also want to take full advantage of a dumpster on your property. Even if you're renting it for your kitchen remodel project, there is no reason why you can't clean out the garage or attic of junk. That's why you might want to go one size large than what is recommended.

Roll Off Containers in NC Drop Off and Pick Up

NC Dumpsters will arrange for a roll off dumpster rental that works for your project. These could be rental contracts for a weekend, a week, a month or even longer. If you're renting a roll off container for an extended period of time, you can arrange to swap out the full unit for an empty one without missing a beat. Just call the NC Dumpster dispatch center with 24-hour notice and you're dumpster rental in Charlotte will be taken care of.

As for placement of your roll off container, most folks prefer to have the unit place on the street outside their home. All that is needed for that to happen is 60 feet of clearance on the day of drop off and pick up. If you are placing the unit on the street, you might need to secure a permit. Each Charlotte neighborhood has different zoning requirements. Once again, the helpful staff at NC Dumpsters will be standing by to offer assistance and point you in the right direction to get that permit. If you are placing the unit on your driveway, no permit is needed.

Renting a roll off container from NC Dumpster is the most affordable and efficient method for large trash removal. Call today and get your garbage gone for good!

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